About This Site

This site is nothing without you , yes yes you !

the site is a wiki so feel free to modify it don't be afraid all error can be undone , if you are not familiar with the wiki , feel free to train in the Sandbox the Sandbox is a place where all test can be made , don't be afraid to test stuff there this sections is meant for that !

Site moderation

About the site moderation , YOU are the moderator of the website , you can edit/remove/correct/reformulate what people write in the wiki and people can do the same , don't waste you time trying to put garbage in it , removing it will be very simple far more simple that putting garbage on it :P.

Forums moderation

About the forums moderation : the forums is for now "Auto moderate", that means you must moderate yourself , if not you will have to erase your offend post, ban yourself and get a life :), i really hope that things will work that way just keep in mind that a forums is a space of sharing ideas ,while we can gently argue and disagree in the forums we must avoid

  • insult
  • personnal attacks (we can have a lame idea and not being lame)
  • racism/sexist behaviour

all forums has his count of pro basher / troller , i don't think we will avoid that if someone "attacks" or you feel "attacked" refrain yourself for answering the same way, the troll/bash needs to be feeded to live so simply don't feed it.

Super moderator

their is of course let's call them super moderator for the site/forum , those moderator will try to interfere the less (as moderator) in the site life, they must moderate with moderation :)

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