Game Play

Neo will be a Scifi based Mmorpg , there will be no mobs no grindings (leveling) as you know it,
Npc and guests will be RvR or PvP oriented.

The world will be totally open PVP this mean anyone (from others realms/factions) can kills you anywhere !

Low lvl players will have per exemple to carry material for the more high lvl players , those material will be essential to high lvl players (so they will protect the low lvl) the low lvl player will get xp by helping for the kills , later the players will get XP for the kill.

one of the main goal of the RvR game will be the capture (and holding) of some sources of energy those sources will run out after a moment and become neutral to respawn in a differente place.

We hope to have fast and constant fights not focused in some parts of the map.

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