Can use

Light Armor

Light Melee Weapons


Light Snipers

Medium Snipers ( with Sniper Training )

Heavy Snipers ( with Advanced Sniper Training )

Light Pistols



10,10 Sniper Training ( You learn how to use Medium Snipers )

15,10 Headshot ( Learn the Headshot ability )

20,15 Advanced Sniper Training ( You learn how to use Heavy Snipers )

20,5 Precision Aiming ( Your Headshot ability gets an additional 10-50% chance to crit )

Demolition ( Bombs, radar jammer )

0,3 Sneaky Steps ( Your enemies needs to get 10-70% closer to detect you; applies to radars )

15,5 Radar Jammer ( Learn the Jam Radar ability )

20,10 Hi-Explosive Bomb ( Learn the Hi-Explosive Bomb ability )

Close Combat ( Daggers, light swords )

0,3 Melee Training ( When wielding melee weapons, the sneaker gets an additional 2-20% chance to hit and crit )

5,3 Quick Feet ( 5-50% faster movement speed while stealthed )

5,10 Ambush ( Learn the Ambush ability )

15,3 Preparations ( Ambush gets an additional 10-50% chance to crit )

Scaling Spec Bonuses

Per point

[Sniper] 1% more damage with snipers

[Sniper] 0.2% more crit chance with snipers

[Sniper] 0.2% more damage with Headshot

[Demolition] devices/turrets disabled for 0.2 seconds longer

[Demolition] 1% more damage with explosives

[Demolition] 0.5% more crit chance with explosives

[Close Combat] 1% more damage with light weapons

[Close Combat] 0.2% more crit chance with light weapons

[Close Combat] 1% faster movement speed while stealthed

[Sniper+Demolition] 3% bigger explosion area with Explosive Shot

[Demolition+Close Combat] 2% bigger chance to crit with Living Bomb

[Sniper+Close Combat] 1% faster movement speed while Evasive Tactics is active

Spec Combination Bonuses

Demolition:15 Explosion Shot ( You learn the Explosive Shot ability )

Close Combat:10 Living Bomb ( You learn the Living Bomb ability )

Close Combat:10 Evasive Tactics ( You learn the Evasive Tactics ability )


Stealth ( The sneaker turns invisible, but can be seen by radars and when close up; breaks on damage or use of ability/item )

Headshot [sniper spec] ( Deals 20% of victims HP in damage instantly and deals 30% of victims HP in damage over 3 seconds; 5 seconds cast time; 1 minute cd; critical strikes with this ability doubles the instant damage )

Stab ( Deals 120% weapon damage to the victim )

Ambush [close quarters spec] ( Deals 200% weapon damage; must be in stealth )

Jam Radar ( Jams the target radar, making it useless for 2 minutes )

Disable Turret?

Hi-Explosive Bomb ( Deploys a Heavy Bomb at the target location, dealing x damage after 10 seconds to everyone in an area of x from the bomb; engineer kan disarma

radar jammer (demo melee ability)

Living Bomb

Explosion Shot

Evasive Tactics

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