Tips Tutos

You have some tips to share with us with Blender, gimp , texturing , modeling or anything , feel free to share it with us here , just edit the page and write your tips , don't bother with the presentation if you are lost in wiki syntax someone will correct your mistakes !


  • texturing Unwraping , Normal map and Ambient occlusion map , this tutorial helps you to generate the unwrap map to be used as color map after painting , the normal map to be used to give vomume to your low poly model and the occlusion map this last map can be used a specular map in some case.
  • Transparent textures here we will show you how to create a partially transparent texture
  • Parallax map with blender here we will show you how to create , your normal and height map with blender those 2 maps will help you to create the Parallax map

Gimp :

Gimp allows you to create , normal maps just get the normalmap plugin install it , it will be then available in the menu Filters->map-Normalmap , this tool can be useful when a map cannot be created with blender (from a pic for example)

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