To Do

With the HUGE work waiting us , we need a TODO page :
TODO = we need people to work on that subject , Pending = people are working on it , Stalled = work started but not finished and no one is working on it, Done = finished


  • Characters definition (look) : Pending


  • Characters creation : Pending
  • Characters texturing : TODO
  • Animation : TODO
  • Weapons creation : TODO
  • Objects creation (trees , rocks , stuffs …) : TODO


  • Music : TODO
  • Sound effects : TODO


  • Rules : TODO
  • Spells : TODO
  • Quest : TODO


Inventory: Stalled

  • Basic GUI: Done
  • Inventory stored server side: Done
  • Item backend definition: Done

Spell book: Done

  • Skill information and display: Done
  • Drag and drop support for skillbar: Done

Trainer interface: Done

  • Skilltree advancement: Done
  • Skill information and display: Done
  • Skilltree configuration saved server side: Done
  • Increasing skill levels: Done
  • Formulas and points for skill training restrictions: Done
  • Displaying tooltips for skills in the trainer: Pending

Skillbar: Stalled

  • Placement of skills in skillbar (drag & drop): Done
  • Removal of skills in skillbar: Done
  • Support for multiple skillbars: Done
  • Support for moving skills in skillbar: TODO
  • Server side storage of skillbar configuration: Done

Power casting: Pending

  • Basic spell casting: Done
  • Damage over time support: Done
  • Support for multiple effects on target: Done
  • Skill wide duration: Done
  • Individual effects duration: TODO
  • Scripting support: Done
  • Particle linking: TODO
  • Casting time: Done
  • Skill range: Done
  • Global cooldown: Done
  • Skill queue system: Done

Npcs: Stalled

  • Npc properties (name, level, class, etc): Done
  • Npcs placeable in the world: Done
  • Interaction with npcs: TODO
  • Apperance of npcs: TODO
  • Movement of npcs: TODO


Skill creator: Stalled

  • Basic skill creation: Done
  • Define casting time: Done
  • Define range: Done
  • Define invidivual duration/effect: TODO
  • Scripting support: TODO

Particle Editor: Pending

  • Particle listing: Done
  • Particle creation: Pending
  • Particle preview: Pending
  • Particle settings: Pending
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