Transparent Textures

This tutorial is under Gnu Free Documentation license

Hello here we will see how to create a transparent textures in GIMP and use in in Blender , this can be useful , especially for trees

first you must make you pic transparent with gimp in my cas i will put a man in a plan

open your pic in gimp

select the background (what you want to be transparent).


once the selection done , add a mask to your layer , choose this mask totally white (opaque) , choose a brush , the the black color and paint all the part you want transparent.

as you can see all the transparent part are paint in black in the layer mask.
when you are done with that with the transparency , save your image as PNG or TGA (jpg don't support transparency) , you can also generate a normalmap if wanted , just copy the layer apply the normalmap plugins on this copy and save the layer as image with -NM at end of the file (ex : man-NM.png) .

now you have your or yours image as png or tga

open blender , remove the default cube , add a mesh->plan , split your screen open and UV/image editor windows , select you plan , go on edit mode , and type U to unwrap you mesh don't bother saving it (this is just a square if the form is more complexe you will have to save it to work on it).

select your mesh and add a materail


then add a textures


don't forget to put the A slider on the material tab at zero , in the map imput choose UV


in the map to tab check COL (for the diffuse (color) map) or nor for the normal but don't forget to choose alpha too


go in the textures window (F6) choose **alpha* then add choose image and load you image.


type F12 your result should look like that

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