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2D tools

3D tools

  • Blender to B3D exporter
  • The Irrlicht/Blender Exporter exports Blender scene and static node data to the native Irrlicht scene(.irr) and mesh (.irrmesh) file formats.
  • Unihuman a wonderful low poly human generator found by haley (thanks thanks , thanks) , we can reduce the poly numbers (thanks mihoko for the rest of the information), for using this .blend we will need to mention it somewhere in the game/website. Here Some Tips How To Use Unihuman
  • makehuman a free (as speech) software to make human exportable as .obj (importable in blender) it seems that makehuman don't fit for our project (problems to animate humans generated with it)
  • innerworld is a free (as speech) landscape generator running inside Blender
  • A french website with macro tree generator for pov-ray (not sure they'll fit in neo tought)
  • Ngplant is a free (GPL) software to models plants you can see some creation with ngplant
  • gen3 is a free script for blender that generate trees you can see some video tutorials here
  • Arbaro another trees generator , this one read a xml file describing the tree and generate the tree
  • suicidator a 3D cities creator that run inside blender as the authors of this project seems not working on it , another guy took the project and did a friendly fork here the website is in french only alas
  • mancandy is a .blend who tend to ease the animation of human characters
  • ludwig another character with rig (skeleton) look far more simple and easy than mancandy

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